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Hollowland - Amanda Hocking Well, I realized the last thing that I read was Wasteland, and now I'm reading Hollowland. I'm really into the whole "land" things now. Unfortunately as great as this book is, it's another Zombieland book.

So, I'll just let you guess; rag-tag bunch of misfits going around, killing zombies, the little girl, the kick-ass heroine, and the sexy guy she falls in love with? Add in a doctor in training and you've got the characters down. But of course, Remy, even though she is an awesome zombie slayer, has a goal in mind; saving her brother from the government, her parents killed by zombies. That'll just have to count as her troubled back story.

Oh, did I mention the lion? Yeah, a lion. My goodness I love and hate that thing all at the same time. It is immune to zombies and such, so it's like the ultimate zombie eating machine, but it's tame and was found on the side of the road. Which Remy, and the little girl, Harlow found chained to an overturned truck on the side of the road, out in the desert. Perfectly normal.

The names in this book kill me almost as much as the stereotypical characters. Blue, the doctor? Lazlo, the ex-rockstar? Harlow, the thirteen year old, who is always screaming and getting herself into some mess? Remy, while I love her, has a strange name (though not as bad as Lazlo, I mean really now) and her character development doesn't go any further than she misses her parents and wants to protect her little brother. Who's name is Max. Why something so normal among these other names?

The plot is rather weak and cliche, though no big surprise there. As far as zombie novels go, I suppose it's acceptable, but really it's nothing new. The last part of the book killed me, so much. At first it was all action packed, which made my liking for this book so up quite a bit. Then it just slowed down so dramatically. Of course, a little did happen between two characters who I don't particularly like seeing together, (it's rather easy to guess) but they did need something to fill in. Happy to see the characters progressed somewhat, if you can call it that.

The worst things about this book: my favorite side character was killed off, and a pairing I never would support was shipped. Best things about this book: Bon Jovi was mentioned, and there were zombies. Oh, and it was free, on Amazon, so that was a plus. It left in a cliffhanger though, which really saddened me.

Probably not going to continue this series, I really don't want to hear Remy's whining about her brother anymore, and the love thing she's got going on for a weird person. I still don't believe the whole lion thing, and the whole reason why she was there (and quite a few more tigers hanging around...). Was a nice, fast read though.

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