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Divergent - Veronica Roth Okay, so if you’ve been anywhere in the book world, or even stepped into WalMart, chances are you have seen this book at least once, somewhere. The hype is strong, and so are the ratings. It’s one of those books I almost didn’t read just because I was afraid of being let down from a book that has such great reviews from some, making my expectations high. Thankfully, that didn’t happen with this book.

Beatrice is a teen, in a dystopian world in which all people at the age of 16 choose a faction, in which they will spend the rest of their life in. She was born an Abnegation, the faction that is completely selfless. When her time rolls around to choose which faction she’ll be in for the rest of her life, she is surprised by both her brother’s choice, and her own.

Of course, the main character can never just be like all the other characters, and not be special, but she is. I won’t say how or why, but she just isn’t normal. The first book just followers her through her time attempting to now fit in with the faction she choose, and trying to stay in it for good. She also meets her friends, and you get to know them, and the person she inevitably falls for.

For a 500 page book, this gets rather tedious, looking back on it now. Some of the things in the book I just sat back and had to think, what? Not sure if I actually like Tris, or if she just really, really annoys me. The amount of characters around were nice, but we never learned much about them, aside from a select few.

The ending. It makes up for the slowness and weirdness of the entire first half and then some of the book. The last fifty or so pages, I would say, were just packed with all the action that was lacking in the rest of the book. Shocked me quite a bit, I will have to say. There were other small points in the book that kept things moving, but it still was a little slow for me anyways. Cliffhanger, though, I will warn you.

Overall I think it was pretty good, with some things were different, but hey, what can you do? I might pick up the second book, but I do have other things that I would like to read first, so while there was a cliffhanger and the book was rather good, I’ll probably only pick it up because I want to finish the trilogy and need something to read, not because it was amazing.