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In The Moment

In the Moment - Olivia Jake In The Moment is a tale of forbidden love. It's not unlike the majority of romance books floating around; rich business man, strong willed business partner. In some places the book fell where other's were greater, and then this one was better in different places.

Samantha, who generally goes by Sam, is a strong woman who runs her own business. When powerful, and very French, Laurent is looking for another agency to help him with a launch of a next big thing in the TV world, he hires Sam to help. Soon their business relationship slowly turns into more, and Sam fears that falling for one of her clients will be a big mistake.

There are some odd things about this book. For one, they spoke French (just simple things, mind you, but enough to annoy me) very often. I didn't mind the pet names and such, but there were whole starts of conversations in French. Not so much that you would miss something important, but since I don't speak French, I found it annoying at times and skimmed a lot of dialogue.

Typos and word errors were another big thing that annoyed me. There were just places that if you spell checked it would go right by, but in a sentence made no sense. There were a few words missing, incorrectly used, and punctuation doubled or other small things. Not enough to really halt ease of reading, but it just made the book look like it hadn't been looked over a lot. Some more time could really have made this book so much greater.

I did like the characters, for the most part. Samantha was strong when need be for the longest, and it seemed to actually fit her. The ages of them both fit well. Finally, characters who aren't twenty! The BDSM in this book really threw me off though. Honestly Laurent was constantly being called gentle, and caring, which really worked for him it seemed to me. Then all of a sudden he'd be domineering in a sudden mood swing, and his gentle but strong character was ruined, and he borderlines lots of qualities we don't want to see in a gentle character.

Overall though, I have to say this book was pretty good. Aside from the errors throughout the book, and the strangeness of Laurent's character, everything else was really good (the little annoying things I just disliked but weren't wrong took down a star for me though). Not sure if I would pick up another of Olivia Jake's books for a while, but I might give it a shot later on.