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Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1)

Reaper's Property (Reapers MC, #1) - Joanna Wylde Also posted on my blog, Akrasia Reading.

So, Marie has just left her abusive husband, and with no where to go turns to her brother for a place to stay. At first everything is great; even though Jeff, her brother, is doing drugs and is getting seemingly weirder by the day. Marie got a new job, and is working to get her life back. Which is all going perfect, until the bikers show up.

Jeff is a computer genius, and helps the Reapers with all their computer needs. What it is Marie never actually knows, as you don't ask about club business. Which suits her just fine, considering all the bikers scare her, including Horse, who she is greatly attracted to.

Marie starts to get comfortable around them, especially Horse. Before you know it, she walks in one day seeing all the Reapers around Jeff, with a gun to his head. She had already messed up with Horse and hasn't seen him for a while, just the other bikers. Yet when he proposes an offer, she had to take it, for her brother's life was on the line. Stay with Horse, and Jeff lives.

Which, we find out, generally not what they do, but since Horse likes Marie so much they've come to an agreement in the club. At this point all the love I had for Horse slightly dimmed, but he makes up for it quite a bit later on, I promise.

Everything about this book was absolutely amazing. The characters, (even the side ones who we knew a little about) were all amazing. The little moments of humor thrown in was great, and they happened pretty often. The second half of the book was a little more, er, heavy? Lots more action, and a rather shocking, but satisfying, ending.

Joanna Wylde knew what she wanted to do, and she did it well. Easy to read, fun, and I couldn't put it down. While there were a few moments in the book that I found a little strange, everything else really made up for it, and in the grand scheme of things made sense. Pick it up; you won't be disappointed.