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Under any other circumstances, I wouldn't ever pick up a book that was similar to Fifty Shades of Grey. This one I made an exception, out of hope, and it was the Stark trilogy. I'm an Iron Man fan, and this book just seemed to fit, just because of the name. Unfortunately, the name was the only thing that was as great as I'd hoped it would be.

This is just another billionaire and your average sexy, genius, strong, and overall perfect average person. Her only fault was something that I personally didn't mind to much, I could understand it and it wasn't something just absolutely crazy. However, to the end of this book, we still know next to nothing about the man we're all dying to know more about; Damien Stark. Which, is perfectly fine, to an extent, considering it is a trilogy. Yet it seems like we know as much as there is to know about Nikki, and her character can go no where else.

The plot was boring, if you could consider the one in the book a plot. Nikki, new to the area and just got her job straight out of college, and is rooming with a highschool buddy. She attends an art showing with her boss, Carl, who is attempting to score a meeting with the ever so famous Damien Stark, who is rich, and devilishly handsome. A former tennis player, all we really know about him (besides the depth of his pockets and the fact that he owns just about everything mentioned in the book, and his looks) is that he is rather cold, and distant, never revealing much. He is also a control freak, which is discussed more later on in the book.

Nikki knew Damien from before (which is mentioned rather quickly in the first chapter), as he judged a beauty competition six years ago. She is immediately attracted to him, and ends up tipsy and spending the rest of her time with Damien for the duration of her stay at the art showing. After that, I can't reveal more due to spoilers, but let me just say I didn't like Nikki at all from that moment on. She was supposed to be strong and speak her mind, but apart from her apparent genius the only thing she does is go back and forth with Damien. It gets worse and worse along the book, because she just gets weaker and weaker to the point that there is no way you can say she is strong willed.

This book just annoyed me. It was instant attraction, and while that is alright if done correctly, it just seemed rushed. I don't see how the author will be able to continue much of anything except Damien's history. Their mutual like is already to it's limit more or less, but I suppose it leaves room for a dramatic breakup and the sort. No cliffhanger at the end of the book though, which is really, really good. I didn't like any of the side characters either, so no interest there. I also don't want to deal with Nikki anymore. Or Damien, for that matter. The stalker and controlling nature he has and the was Nikki thinks it's perfectly acceptable is not okay. The entire time, I'm screaming "STALKER" in my head, over and over.

Other then a few laughs I had in moments that I probably wasn't supposed to laugh at, this book doesn't have much going for it. Sure, if you liked Fifty Shades, you will probably enjoy this. I personally didn't enjoy either this, or Fifty Shades, and therefore this book was not for me. At all. Even if his last name is Stark and that last name is incredibly epic.