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Beautiful Stranger - Christina Lauren Let me just say after reading the last book, I was really, really weary of picking up this one. Thankfully, this one was somewhere between slightly better and just the same. I don't really regret it, but then again it wasn't anything just amazing. Also, some of the stuff in this book really wasn't what I was into, so that probably also affected my overall view of this book.

Bennett was a pantie ripper. Max is a picture taker. Throughout these two books you see that both of them have sort of a fetish, though Max and Sara's (in my opinion) was much more obvious. Beautiful Stranger had the same sort of vibe as the last one, but I can say I enjoyed it more, mainly because of the characters. I wasn't much into the picture taking and the fact that they were turned on by doing it in public, but that really wasn't my real issue.

Once again, the main female character, Sara, drove me insane. She had just broke up with her husband, and moved to New York to start fresh. She meets Max, her beautiful stranger, in a bar. Later she finds out he is in the same line of work she is in, and Bennett and Max actually know each other quite well, and Sara knows Sara. Honestly I didn't connect her with the last book until much later on in the series, as I never really paid much attention to Sara in the past.

Sara was afraid of being caught with Max by the paparazzi, yet they made certain agreements to meet, but never once did they actually go to their own homes. So, they were out in public, for the most part, where anyone could see them together. Then, Sara has this weird distrust thing going on throughout the entire book, because of her past husband, Andy. About half was through I think we all understood (as it was stated in the first chapter, and so many more times in the book it was ridiculous) that her husband was a cheat and she left him after six years because of it. We all get that she can't trust for a while, but gosh; it's not all about you, Sara! Max is in this picture too.

All in all, it was a pretty good book. Weird, yes. Character annoyance, yes. After reading the description of the second book, I honestly thought we were going to learn more about Julia, but instead Will? Slightly confused here, as I don't remember caring much about Will either. Eh, I might not even read the third book, might just to it to try and finish the series/trilogy.