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Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren I think even I should have known better, after reading the description above. Published fan-fiction never goes over well for me (Fifty Shades of Grey is a recurring nightmare). Being the crazy person I was though, I read it in it’s entirety. Honestly, I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but I’ll do the best I can.

Chloe. She’s not really tough, yet she’s not like the majority of the girls in romance novels these days. Bennett, the male in this equation, is always portrayed as a total bastard, but honestly I never felt that way. It seemed like all the times it was on his point of view, he admitted to himself way too many times for my liking, that he was as bastard. Maybe trying too hard? All in all, I didn't find any of the characters to be very in-depth, couldn't even like them in the slightest bit.

The plot, I’m afraid, didn't fare much better. In the beginning chapter, the only thing that we knew about anything was this: Chloe Mills was a secretary, in college, and had worked for the Ryan Media Company for the past six years, and was located in Chicago. Bennett Ryan, however, had only been working there for nine months. Other then that, we get the fact that he is a cruel bastard, and he’s the boss.

Next thing you know, their alone in the conference room, and (not surprisingly) they do it. However, really, really strangely, he has this weird pantie ripping and hoarding obsession. It’s mentioned a lot of times in the book, and throughout the entire book there was about 7 pairs of panties and three shirts that either were shredded or damaged in some way. Creepy, no?

Then they do it in the stairwell, in the elevator, and all this time the only thing that progresses is my annoyance. No more plot is hardly ever introduced, and the only thing that we learn more about with the characters is a) they hate each other, and have really, really weird dialogue during their sessions, and b) they are seriously attracted to each other, and it’s disrupting their entire lives.

Then all of a sudden their gone on a business trip together, and their in love. Whoah, anyone? Yeah, me too. All this time they've just been banging, (in which they usually state their extreme dislike for each other afterwards) and now Bennett is professing his love? Wants a relationship outside of work? Hope this wasn't a spoiler for anyone, I mean, I’m pretty sure you've guessed it by now.

in the end, after lots of laughing at the seriously messed up relationship(?) they have, and the lack of anything else, I’m just sitting there wondering what I just read. Maybe I will pick up the sequel, but at this point I’m wondering quite a bit if it’s worth it. All in all, expecting more, got way less then what I had originally hoped for.