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Shooting the Moon - Frances O'Roark Dowell This will be a rather small review, and my first, but I'll just say that it was a smaller book.

First off, it started off good. Twelve year old girl, Jamie, and her older brother, TJ, who I think is about five years older. Jamie's dad is the Cornell in the army, and her mother is a stay at home mom.

TJ decides to go off to war, and then the whole book kind of slows down. After this point, it's all about Jamie and the emotional journey she's put through because of it. Which is great, and for a while it really worked. It did get sort of boring up until she got a roll of film in which TJ had only taken pictures of the moon.

More emotional turmoil, and she starts to figure out her father out more. Then something almost happens to one of her friends (who is, by the way, an adult) and it just shoots right to the end. It was too rushed I think, and I re-read the last few pages to try and fully comprehend the ending.

Overall it was really good, but I'll have to say this book could have been better, at some points. It kept you hooked for a chapter, then it slows down to the point to where your almost bored. Overall though, it was a fairly good book.