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Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom #1) ; Marie Hall

Her Mad Hatter - Marie Hall

This book... I was to run around in circles with happiness, loving the Mad Hatter, his strange ways, and the weirdness of Alice (which is totally out of character...) and then I hit a wall that's so huge I fall down and can't get back up for ten paragraphs. Why must the writing be so awkward and almost unreadable at times? I love the plot, the twist on the classic Alice in Wonderland, I tolerate some of the characters and love others, and yet here I sit trying to comprehend something that's not possible to because it makes absolutely no sense!


Alright, mini rant over so lemme get this back on track. Danika is a fairy godmother, who watches over certain people and creatures, all of them somehow related to a well known fairy tail. Soon she comes to realize five are her "bad boys" are in desperate need of saving, which can only be done by their mate. She sets out to find each one of them a mate within a year, starting with the Mad Hatter. Who else better to fit him than one of the many Alices?


From there you are thrown into a crazy world of quotes placed in all the right places, talking flowers, stunning men, and and all over crazy perfect world. While a lot of the writing really didn't make sense to me, (mainly just really strange choice of descriptive words, but at times punctuation was off or entirely missing in some of the most obvious spots) so it made for a rather aggravating read. Once I got past that, I really enjoyed this book.


[spoiler]I mean, when she went back to earth her cancer was back, but it was just explained as a "blackout" and really didn't make sense to me. She just disappears, to Wonderland, comes back with a full out dying cancer (which she did have previously, and it was mentioned, but still). 


"And Hatter drowned in eyes that sparkled with shades of bitter beer."


"His knuckled her cheeks, brushed against the corner of her lips."


"And seeing that was like pouring salt on snow; it killed her laughter cold."


Sure, I mean I guess it passes as an okay sentence, but it broke the flow of the book and I had to stop and reread a few times just to understand what was going on. These aren't the only ones.



I think the author had interesting characters, and they were all done really well, except for Alice. She wasn't supposed to be crazy and moody, like the Mad Hatter, but the more I read the more she seemed like him; happy one moment, angry the next, and it goes on quite a bit. Other than Danika, though, not very many other characters were really touched upon. Which, was alright in the end.

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