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El Paso Under Attack - Michael Clary

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. First off, it's a zombie book, but unlike one I've ever read. In some sense, that is alright with me, but I went into this just wanting a really predictable zombie book. There were lots of qualities about this book that I loved, however. 

The way this book was written was not something I liked. The interviews of each character did give some insight to what they thought and felt during the outbreak in El Paso, but some of it got repetitive. Especially during the end, the first half of Skye's interview was somewhat repetitive, as it told a lot about Jax (the general) that we already knew. The interruptions from the interviewer really bothered me and broke up the flow of the book in my opinion, and I think I would have personally liked it much more if it was just written in third person, or had perspective changes. 

The characters, for the most part, I really liked. The strange fantasy elements that were thrown in really didn't make sense to me, however. If it was a zombie book, make it a zombie book. If you wanted to make something with different elements (I can't really say because it would technically be a spoiler), then write a book like that. I'm not sure what the author was trying to do, but it was really strange in some aspects. 

About half-way throughout the book, I really just wanted to put it down and quit. For some reason I had just lost all interest, and quite frankly didn't care enough about the characters to continue on. I did, however, and it finally picked up a couple of interviews later. Then it dived back down and the book ended rather suddenly but without any loose ends, and for that I was grateful. Overall, just because of how it was written and I don't know what would actually be in the next book because everything was tied off rather nicely (except for a few points which I don't even care about for the most part) I don't think I'd continue on with the series.